Engaging Politically with Grace and Truth

This podcast series will help you think Biblically about the role of government and how we should make decisions about public policies and potential candidates. It will also challenge you to think about your responsibility to love others, even those with whom you disagree.

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Monday Nov 02, 2020

Our final episode, a Q & A featuring questions from you. Also, referenced in this episode is Pastor Steve's series "Thinking Biblically while engaging politically". Here is the second sermon from that series: https://www.faithcommunitychurch.com/about-4/sermons-list/sermon/702-acting-rightly  

Monday Oct 19, 2020

Pastor Jeff Howell shows us that believers must be cultivating and exercising humility that is willing to listen, willing to learn, and unwilling to sacrifice unity with other believers as we engage politically.

Monday Oct 12, 2020

In this episode we look at the danger of a "Warrior Mindset" when it comes to relationships and politics and how we must choose love over contempt

Monday Oct 05, 2020

Steve Jackson introduces us both to God's intention and our responsibility in government.

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